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Getting Organized
8:00-10:00 – GO! Teacher Organization Time Management-increasing efficiency while reducing stress
  • Scheduling
  • Prioritizing
  • Time Activation
Space -The Last Frontier (physical or digital)
  • Information Categorization
    • Become a “Discardiologist”
    • De-cluttering
      • Folders
      • Files
    • Classroom  Coordination
  • Teacher Positioning
10:30-12:30 GO! Student Organization Training students to study
  • Optimizing learning
    • Effective Study Skills
    • Prioritizing
  • Retaining information
    • Active Reading
    • Note Taking
    • Memory Techniques
  • Test -taking strategies
    • Objective Tests
    • Subjective Tests
    • Performance Assessments

If schools were permitted to have just one training, this is the one!

This training will help to raise test scores for your students, decrease discipline challenges, and improve classroom rapport. You will learn how to meet students where they are and lead them where they need to be, capture attention, and promote deeper learning.