Photo of Happy Father's Day Greetings

And now, for something completely different!  We await the consequences of the virus for American education. How will schools across the country reopen in the fall? In a past post, I’ve suggested that school closures provide the opportunity for positive change. So, while we await the many permutations of the next school year, I will indulge in a little detour: a brief discussion of a pet peeve. 

My current question: Why is apostrophe placement so difficult? In the past I have focused on the difference between it’s and its.  Now, as I scan cards, signs, and posters celebrating fathers, I notice that most people designing these items have no idea about how to use an apostrophe. Doesn’t anyone remember elementary level lessons? Every card, poster, and advertisement I’ve read states “Happy Father’s Day!” Are we celebrating just one father, and if so, whose?  “Father’s” signifies a singular noun. So, in order to recognize more than ONE person, the correct usage is Happy Fathers’ Day!  By the way, possessive pronouns never use apostrophes.

Take a look at the list below to see if you can form the correct possessives. You can send your responses to I will happily provide a tuition discount for my distance learning Language Arts/Writing Program for anyone interested in improving his or her writing. Oh, agreement-that’s a lesson for another day!

Noun                          Singular Possessive                Plural Possessive