Some schools have directed teachers to provide several weeks of learning materials. The keys to successful learning include motivation and consistency.   Whether your student has  teacher-designed  “learning activity packets,” or  parent-directed materials, motivation to work during this location change is crucial.  So approach home-schooling with a positive attitude. Explain that they are doing private learning on their own schedule. Adolescents and teens  who usually have to attend a class that begins before 8 am can benefit from a later starting time and be more refreshed. And the amount of time that they spend in school (generally six hours) is far more than the time they will spend working at  home. I’ve worked with many home-schooled students who reported that their academic work usually took about two hours a day.

Organization is another component of effective home-schooling. Be consistent; along with your student, determine an optimal time during which academics are the sole activity: no interruptions, no social networking or phone calls should occur.  If the learning window is several hours, break that up into smaller segments, no longer than 45 minutes each, with a short, 5 minute break, during which time they should move around, hydrate, and have a snack. .( A natural break could be switching subjects.) 

With regard to reading materials, I strongly favor classic literature. You can find suggestions online, but I am happy to provide suggestions. Please contact me at or call my office (917)456-5447.  I work with students across the country, and I’m here to help!